Treatment of Anxiety

During these times of the Corona Virus outbreak, so many things are new to us that  we are experiencing feelings of both anxiety and depression, as well as triggers from previous experiences with trauma. I offer a variety of treatments that help to regulate emotional distress as well as manage triggers from the past which can distort or worsen what is happening in the present.

The Arundel Mind Body Institute continues to provide our regular services for those struggling with anxiety disorders and related conditions.  It is estimated that high anxiety can affect more than 17 million Americans.  Some can be serious enough to warrant medical intervention or medicine.  Research has shown that there are very effective mental health treatments that can decrease or eliminate anxiety that has been disabling or distressing without or in addition to medicine.

Anxiety is the result of fear. When we are afraid, our body responds by producing physiological symptoms such as heart palpitations, sweating, trembling or shaking, shortness of breath, dizziness, and chest pain or discomfort and listlessness. These symptoms are producing a “fight or flight or freeze response” which causes us to take action so that we can be “safe.”  Typically one’s instinct is to go into a “flight” response, rather than stay and “fight” whatever may be a source. People whose lives have become significantly limited due to wanting to avoid situations that are producing the anxiety can be helped a great deal, especially when they seek out assistance with these symptoms.

I want to stress that I am  following all the CDC guidelines to support a safe environment and have taken extra precautions to support social distancing by offering the following precautionary measures.

  1. In addition to continuing to provide treatment within the facility, I am currently seeing clients over video messaging and utilizing Zoom. I completed an 18-hour course on digital ethics and telehealth recently. This new feature will support connection while keeping my clients safe – no matter the circumstances that may be going on in the community around them. I am providing Pro Bono psychotherapy services for front line medical professionals who can contact me on this website, as well as on
  2.  When the time comes to come into this office, there will be strict guidelines for continued safety within a sanitized office. I will keep hand sanitizer in supply, and there is a bathroom for hand washing before and after.  There will be no waiting room or encountering others while coming in or going out of the office, as I will schedule 15 minutes between sessions.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I am  here for you as well as the community at large.

Without treatment often times symptoms will become worse, stressing social, occupational, and emotional well being in  key areas of  life.

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