Mary Lee Zetter is in full time private practice and has office hours Monday through Friday 8am-5pm. Virtual sessions available.

The best way to reach Mary Lee is to call her, introduce yourself, inquire about her practice, and discuss what your needs are. Let her know the two best times to reach you and she will return your call within that same day. You may also e-mail her in the same manner and will receive a timely response.


  • Appointments are generally scheduled weekly. A typical session is 50 minutes.
  • The initial appointment is a time for your therapist and you to get acquainted. It is used primarily to begin to  get an in-depth history. Fees, informed consent, privacy practices  and any other treatment goals and concerns also may be discussed during this time.
  • Cancellations require you notify her at least 24 hours in advance or a fee of $25.00  will be charged. Naturally, in the case of a true emergency in which you are unable to contact me in advance, you will not be charged. However, if this occurs more than 3 times, a fee will need to charged. Please, call both her phone number and email her to be sure she gets the message.
  • Phone calls: please, only call your therapist between sessions if it is an emergency or to change an appointment. While there is no charge for a brief call, longer telephone consultations may be pro-rated.
  • Every effort is made to be available for emergencies by phone. The number for Anne Arundel Emergency Medical Center is 443-481-1000 in the event you cannot reach her.


Communications between you and your therapist are treated confidentially and protected by state law. No record of your treatment will be released without specific written permission from you. You should know that there are some unusual circumstances under which your therapist may need to release treatment information without your authorization:

  • an emergency involving imminent danger or harm to you or another;
  • a court order;
  • physical or sexual abuse of a minor.


There are multiple ways to make payments for your sessions.

My fee is $120 per hour unless insurance is used.

  • The preferable way is to pay your co-pay based on the  insurance policy  at the time of the session (via check, cash, or Zelle) and your insurance will be billed for the balance.
  • Payment by cash, check or payment using a credit card through the secured Client Portal ensures security.  You will receive invoices via  e-mail.

Completion of Therapy

Therapy has a beginning, a middle and and an ending. Therapy is often hard work and in the midst of this work, some people consider concluding therapy prematurely. Prior to ending therapy, it is very important to clarify therapy issues and to solidify your gains. For this purpose, we plan at least two sessions for review and closure.

Please do not hesitate to discuss these and any other topics of concern you may have about your treatment with your therapist. We look forward to our developing an important and trusting relationship with you.