Welcome to the ARUNDEL MIND BODY INSTITUTE. The work at AMBI provides opportunities for transformation, spiritual development, wholeness and peace for clients and therapists alike.

The Arundel Mind Body Institute was founded in 1995 by Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C, DCEP  (Diplomate, Comprehensive Energy Pyschology).   Her focus was on working with emotional issues presented by individuals, couples and families using traditional psychodynamic and cognitive therapies prior to the founding of the Institute.

When someone decides to ask a psychotherapist into their life, it is usually in the midst of a sad or anxious period. It requires trust and confidence in that therapist to competently help that person understand their personal life story and life patterns.

When Mary Lee founded the Institute she noticed that people were leaving traditional therapy with more information than they came in with– they had a better understanding of their childhood as well as the sources of their problem– they had better relationship and communication skills with their loved ones. However, they were often still carrying emotions of sadness and fear along with physical discomforts after therapy.  Her approach began to evolve toward non-Western methods of dealing with internal conflicts. In addition to relying on insight and understanding for growth and healing, she began to offer assistance in shifting internal states of physical experience which can rapidly change the way her clients feel about their world and relationships. It is exciting to see the emergence of renewed strength and abilities that come from the process of being helped.

Because  of her extensive training and experience in these methods, she offers Energy based psychotherapeutic approaches (see Specialized Methods).  They are available for those who are interested in pursuing that direction in their work in therapy in addition to traditional methods.

A practicing psychotherapist since 1978, Mary Lee  works to complement the care that other health care professionals are giving to her clients to promote complete wellness in their lives.

She practices in a private and serene waterfront setting near Annapolis, MD. Mary Lee Zetter offers various approaches to psychological and physical therapies with  individuals, couples and families.

Marriage, Family
Relationship/ Sexuality
Phobia, Panic Reactions, Anxiety
Traumas  (Accidents,  Sexual/emotional Abuse, Experiences of Overwhelm)
Chronic Pain, Addictions, Allergies,  Addictions
Life Changes/ Adjustments, Personal Growth, Spiritual Growth

Chronic pain, addictions, weight problems and allergies can be problems that come with depression and anxiety or relationships problems.  Drawing from both traditional and  energy- based methods of psychotherapy, she offers therapies that address the physical problems that often accompany emotional distress in life. She offers help in deepening awareness, understanding, and wisdom to those who are in relationship conflicts, family distress or to people who suffer from depression or anxiety. She works towards enabling her clients to grow and learn from their difficulties beyond their expectations.

Specialized methods of approach:

Mary Lee has a comprehensive approach to treatment of individuals, couples, and groups by integrating aspects of all major traditional  therapeutic orientations including transpersonal and psychodynamic. In addition she uses these approaches.
THE ENNEAGRAM, an ancient/modern study based on Nine distinct personality types. It is discovered through a test and observation as a tool for self understanding. It is used for couples and individuals to help them with their own development and assistance in overcoming inner obstacles. It promotes a realization of unique gifts and strengths that help direct life goals.
ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY  She is certified in the newer models of the psychotherapy which includes several energy based therapies that help to quickly resolve short or long term emotional, physical distress .She uses these effective, long lasting therapies, which reduce the need for as much medication and diminish the unnecessary pain of negative emotions that emerges during the course of the session. Some of these methods include:
Thought Field Therapy,  EFT
Emotional Accupressure
Advanced Integrative Therapy
Holographic Memory Resolution
Dynamic Energetic Healing
TAT,  Body Breath Healing, Ask and Receive, Heart Assisted Therapy
HBLU (Healing from the body level up)