Welcome to the Arundel Mind Body Institute.

Due to Maryland’s Shelter in Place order, I have established a TeleMentalHealth practice through TheraNest, a secure client portal and encrypted video conferencing platform. Please contact me when you are ready to initiate or continue psychotherapy.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has created heightened fear and anxiety amongst us.  The novelty and magnification of this crisis is still  emerging and we are all trying to cope. While we have an understandable cause for our current intense emotions, we may be experiencing behavioral reactions that leaves us confused. Often this overwhelm can trigger unresolved memories from the past or traumas that feel similar.  When this happens, we need to focus on what is currently stressing us and respond reasonably to the present challenges. Please visit my COVID-19 UPDATE page to help you explore how to understand anxiety  and stay grounded while this is happening.  The therapies offered and described in my website may also be helpful as well.

Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C, the founder of AMBI, offers various approaches to psychological and physical therapies. She works to complement the care that other health care professionals are giving to her clients to promote complete emotional, physical, and spiritual wellness in their lives.

“We are celebrating 42 years of helping our clients help themselves”

Do you find that you are:
  • irritable, angry, or impatient with others?
  • in pain or have frequent illness?
  • feel nervous, anxious, or depressed?
  • spending more than you can afford to spend?
  • running out of time to do the important things you need to do?
  • overwhelmed by a loss?

We can provide support, constructive help, and useful tools in working with you to deal with these and other difficult situations in your life. No two people are the same.

We offer a FREE initial phone consultation. Call or e-mail Mary Lee directly to determine what your needs are.

Phone: (410) 268-8309