Acupuncture is an ancient eastern healing process. It closely follows nature and the seasons. We are experiencing spring. Most people say “spring, it’s finally here!” having just had about enough of the cold that winter brings. In Chinese thought spring is related to wood. That means mostly anything that grows out of the ground: trees, plants, and grass, etc. The spring or wood energy is flexible. It has an up and outward type of movement, and the ability to bend in the wind.

In people this wood/spring energy takes on different attributes of human behavior. The emotion of the wood energy is anger or frustration or tension. When healthy, people are direct and clear about goals and plans. There can be a great deal of creativity in the formulating a plan. There is no room for being wishy washy or for procrastination. In order to move forward there has to be a little tension to get us going, to motivate us to try to reach our goals. That is really what the Chinese were saying about the emotion of anger and frustration. They meant “Get up and do something – be focused, be clear about your direction, and remember be flexible!” That is the upward and outward expression of the wood energy. However, when this energy is stifled, look out. It could look like a volcano exploding. The rage that has been built up maybe for as long as a lifetime could be like seeing a volcano erupting. The signs of unhealthy wood energy can be: high blood pressure, road rage, PMS, insomnia, eye pain, migraines, and stiff joints and ligaments. Not all unhealthy wood energy looks like a volcano. However, what the body is experiencing is a disruption in the smooth flow of energy.

What can you do to improve your wood energy? Here are a few ideas: First, recognize and observe. How do you feel your symptom – is it physical or emotional? Second, notice where in your body you feel them. Observing and recognizing your symptoms are key to a healthier you. Third, you need to express the emotion. Get yourself moving. Take a break, walking briskly outside would be very helpful. You have often heard of spring cleaning. You can look at it as clearing out the old to bring in the new. New ideas, plans, and goals set you on a path of moving forward. Other ideas to improve your wood energy are: tennis, slamming cabinet doors, speaking directly and clearly to an individual about what is frustrating you, yoga, or doing deep breathing exercises.

What can acupuncture do for you? Your symptom is telling you there is a problem with the movement of your body’s energy. The stimulation of specific acupuncture points creates a change in how your body’s energy is moving. Acupuncture helps your body to use its energy more effectively. As you receive treatment you will notice a shift in your symptom. Acupuncture is about movement and change.

Beth Creeger Article Written for Your Health Magazine 04/10/2005