Beauty begins with peace inside!

You meet someone new, they radiate with an inner glow. You marvel at their feeling of peace and contentment. You wonder to yourself:

  • Why can’t I feel this way? I feel sad, lonely, dejected, depressed and wonder if life is really worth living.
  • What is wrong with me? I have never been entirely happy! I was never happy as a child growing up. As an adult there have been times of momentary happiness which didn’t last. The truth is I can not remember much about my childhood. Sometimes the memory of my parents fighting will flash across my mind, I push the thoughts away because they are not pleasant. I do not have a healthy diet, it’s just too much effort to prepare meals, so I get quick ready made prepared meals or I go out to a fast food restaurant. I’m overweight.
  • What is wrong with me? Where is there help for me?

The body tissue holds memories from our past. The memories of growing up in a healthy or an unhealthy environment or healthy are held in the connective tissue of our bodies. If these old memories are causing current problems, they need to be released. If we are raised with unhealthy eating habits, usually we carry these old habits into our current life.

• Symptoms: Tired, listless, hard to awaken in the morning? Overweight? Can’t stop smoking? Angry inside? Upset with someone? Afraid to trust? Afraid to get emotionally involved with another?

• Causes: Dysfunctional family, lack of affection, can’t show affection, alcoholism, verbal, physical, sexual abuse.

Your emotional background can block your ability to feel whole as an adult.

There comes a time in your life to begin to understand that perhaps your background can be part of your growth and does not necessarily have to be a hindrance once you take control of yourself and the situation. If you look back over your life and compare the way you were treated to that of your parents and their parents you will find the pattern has been passed down from generation to generation. Isn’t it time to break the pattern? Do you want your children to grow up feeling as you do?

Learned symptoms can be changed, if you so desire.

Inner peace —————- Outer Beauty

Wallace W. Lossing C.O., C. Ht