The multidimensional journey we take when we engage in psychotherapy, body work, or any life changing event usually starts from pain, illness or trauma leading to life patterns of the same. This potentially enriching transformative journey of self understanding is never completed. One of the many ways into this journey involves a method I use inspired by a great teacher from Arizona, Brent Baum whose work with over 7,000 clients reflects his background as a priest, archaeologist and substance abuse therapist as well as a sensitive healer using bioenergetics.

I use Holographic Memory Resolution, HMR with clients to access memories and difficult life events without having to be retraumatized by the process of wading through and only talking about the events in therapy. While this process involves accessing both conscious and unconscious memories, it gently and simply discharges frozen memory and pain from the nervous system where it is held in the body on a cellular level.Trauma has been described as a “spontaneous state of self hypnosis, which encodes state bound problems.”

(1) This is facilitated by the limbic-hypothalamus-pituitary system, and has a profound impact on the autonomic, endocrine and immune system. At the moment of trauma, all feelings and thoughts are frozen one millisecond prior to the worst part of the event or T-1, according to Dr. David Grove, a psychologist from New Zealand.

(2) The mind and body encodes it as a metaphor in the form of a memory fragment of a larger holographic scene in the persons life. Studies of Vietnam vets have shown that their flashbacks are not the worst moment but were vividly access at T-1 or right before the worst moment. People with allergies, chronic pain or immunological problems, depression, and anxiety can be helped.

At Christmas, I worked with a woman who had been allergic to her tree for three years. When we worked with her emotional reaction she suffered after a hysterectomy at Christmas time three years ago, she was delighted to find that she could trim her tree with no sneezing! This method is simple yet complex. Any memory fragments can be triggered but we medicate them with overworking, eating, drugs or alcohol.

In HMR, the first step is to anchor the person with a feeling of safety. It then involves the creative process of finding the metaphor from a feeling in the body where the memory is held. Since the subconscious mind contains the whole complexity of the memory and its metaphor, it can provide access to the original scene as well as the needed resolution in an effort to naturally heal. The role of the therapist is to work with the cues presented by the person and provide a supportive bridge to map the relevant memory history while helping to reframe the trauma and correct the painful scene.

The final step is to secure the reframed scene in the energy fields of the body anchoring them in color frequencies. This opens a natural path towards forgiveness while integrating and learning the spiritual lessons that are given to us by trauma.

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Mary Lee Zetter, LCSW-C Arundel Mind Body Institute