FALL – The days are shorter, the air is crisper, and the foliage SPECTACULAR! The journey toward fall begins, when we see leaves falling. First, let us understand the season of fall and then move on to how it affects us personally. I would like you to feel or observe the movement of the seasons. Movement is the very foundation for acupuncture and movement means change. Change in the seasons and in ourselves.

Although the air in fall is crisp and thin there is a heaviness associated with the season. The leaves fall from the trees and the earth draws into itself shedding all non-essentials.

While there is a heaviness to fall the air is crisp and thin. As the trees shed their leaves, the earth is ridding itself of the things it no longer needs. The earth will only maintain what is essential in order to survive the winter.

How does the fall affect us? We may feel a sense of loss as the air turns cooler and the days grow shorter. Some people may experience: seasonal affected disorder, depression, respiratory symptoms, bowel problems, laryngitis allergies, and flu to name a few.

What is the connection between the fall and acupuncture? In Chinese thought, the Lung and Large Intestine meridians are in charge of all the fall activity. The lungs take in oxygen – (inspiration) and let go of carbon dioxide – (exhalation). The Large Intestine is responsible for obtaining every last bit of nourishment before ridding itself of what is not necessary, just like the trees shedding their leaves.

How can we maintain a healthy lifestyle in the fall, physically, mentally, and emotionally? Look for things, people, situations that inspire you, or that you find beautiful or appealing. This is the foundation where inspiration (breathing) comes from. Make sure you get out in the fresh air. Staying indoors in your office and breathing recycled air with recycled germs can lead to a cold. Take a brisk walk outdoors; the cooler air can be invigorating and refreshing. Also, clearing out clutter in a basement, or closet, files, even a purse, can have a positive affect on your well being. Eating cooked foods, can help aid digestion and reduce upset. Mentally, the fall, in Chinese thinking, looks at acknowledgement. Do you acknowledge yourself for a job well done or do you always seek out acknowledgement and maybe never get it. Do you see things the way they truly are? The emotion of fall is grief. It takes time to let go of a deceased loved one, or the end of a term or project. Allowing the process to unfold is a key step in moving through grief; acknowledge you may need help in this process. Please utilize professional counseling to get the help you may need. Remember you can enjoy the fall by being active, acknowledging yourself for all the good you do, and letting go of those things or thoughts that no longer serve you.

Beth Creeger Article Published Your Health Magazine 08/17/2005