Can you have control over your personal life? Do you wake up singing or are you a grump?

Remember Bing Crosby singing “When You Wish Upon a Star” or Perry Como’s “Catch a Falling Star?” Are they just dreamers singing beautiful melodies or can life really be that good?

My father was an only child. I just returned from a family reunion in Minnesota. One hundred thirty two family members, descendants of an only child attended this event. Our family reunion is a celebrated annual event. Many family members are unable to attend every year, I rarely miss this great event. To me, it feeds my soul and helps me get back to what is important in life. Have there ever been family disagreements? Of course there have been. Is there a brother in law who is still obnoxious, etc? No family is absolutely perfect; we all have our idiosyncrasies.

Families relationships are very important. Family is always there when needed! I was very fortunate to have chosen such a family. Growing up in this close, large family environment has enabled me to do my work, and help people make positive changes in their lives. I do enjoy my vocation.

If your family is not supportive of you, can you change the future for your family? Yes, As the parent does, so does the child. As the mind thinks, so it is! You can make the changes in your life to fit the way you would like life to be! Instead of complaining about your “now” or your “past,” what can you do with the good points to make your life better?

An interesting fact is, you can not change someone else. You can only change yourself and or your reactions. Look to today and ask yourself, “what kind of a day do I want this day to be?” If you don’t like your answer, then change your perspective.

Look to the future, what changes would you like to see? Try Hypnosis, it works.


Wallace W. Lossing C.O.,C.Ht