Releasing Restrictions; Balancing Body, Mind & Spirit

The holiday season is upon us, a time for family, friends, fun and reflection. For some this is not the case. Old emotional and or physical traumas can make this a time of anything but enjoyable. Old hurts are stored in our bodies and manifest themselves through lingering pain.

We believe most restrictions involve tightening of the connective and soft tissues throughout the entire musculoskeletal system. Most muscle/skeletal misalignments caused by trauma are able to be rehabilitated back to achieving total body balance. Exceptions would include spinal cord injury, brain injuries with neuromuscular involvement, traumas to the body caused by disease,and those individuals who do not wish to get back to a functional life.

There is a direct connection between the spiritual, emotional and the physical aspects of a persons body. Traumas of all forms will cause the physical body to tighten down to protect itself against further injury. This is relieved by removing or releasing the emotional and / or physical limitations. We believe the human body is intended to be born in perfect balance.

Below is an explanation of two concepts. Used together or separately both are extremely effective to help you find happiness and fulfillment in your life

  • Spiritual /Physical healing assists in the healing while teaching you to take control of your own body, mind and spirit and keep it in balance. Spiritual/Physical healing is the concept of thinking of the body as one whole body: body, mind and spirit. If the physical, mental, or spiritual body is out of balance, it can effect any other part of the whole. Physical or emotional trauma can manifest in physical imbalance.

What emotionally bothers you may cause physical illness If you have been in an accident, the frustration of pain, financial difficulties, being out of work may cause serious mental and emotional pain. Every one has places in their body where stress is held. Some people hold it in the neck, shoulders, back or stomach.

  • Emotional physical stress may be the cause of mild to severe headaches. Where ever it is held, it causes muscle pain, anxiety, and added stress.

Transpersonal Hypnotherapy (a three dimensional therapy) enhances self awareness by enabling one to access subconscious and super conscious levels. People often carry hidden fears, uncertainty, insecurities, fears of the unknown and other reasons which hold them back from reaching their full potential.

Many fears come from childhood experiences such as emotional, physical or spiritual abuse. There are arious reasons, some buried deep within, which hold one back from reaching a full satisfying achievement.

What mind has created Mind can change.

If you have the desire to improve your life, Spiritual/Physical healing and or Transpersonal hypnotherapy may be your answer.

“ …unconditional love is giving to another the divine love that is within you without expectation of reward, recognition or results. In other words you the server stand neutral, acting as a conduit for the flow of of divine love.” Robert Fulford D.O.

Wallace W Lossing C.O.,C.Ht