Take the inner journey to self healing. The power is within you! Do you have the courage to find that power?

If you cut yourself, in a period of time, it heals and you forget about the discomfort you originally felt. Physical and or emotional wounds can also heal in the same way. If someone has hurt you, do you brood and fret about the wrong they have done you or do you put it behind and get rid of the feeling? Holding negative energy within can and does cause illness.

  • Fascia, the connective tissue which holds the body together, is believed to retain a memory of everything which has emotionally or physically hurt you. It tightens and binds down, if this tissue is allowed to stay in a restricted form the injury will not heal. However, if this tissue is released, self healing will take place.
  • Nutrition also plays a very important roll in the healing process. What we eat is what we are! The foods available to us today through prepared foods, fast food chains, canned goods at the grocery store and almost everything manmade has many additives and chemicals which can be addictive and harmful to our bodies. Most of these foods are also force fed for production and quantity. What we put into our bodies affects our physical performance.

Smoking adds many chemical toxins into all the tissues and cells of the body and is one of the most addictive and harmful traumas anyone can do to their body. Until a smoker quits smoking they can be helped, but not healed.

Our bodies are the temple for our spirit, shouldn’t we treat it as such and quit destroying it?

Quitting smoking is easy. Dying a slow painful death is difficult. Have you watched someone take off an Oxygen mask to light a cigarette, have a coughing seizure, take another puff, put their mask back on to get their breath again?

Have you awakened in the middle of the night to assist someone you love with their nebulizer so they could catch their breath to live through the night?

Do you want someone you love do these things for you?

It is essential that you know your body and personally take charge of it. Don’t take something just because of an advertisement, or because the label on the bottle says it cures you. (many drugs have side effects).

Before treating yourself, it is important to acquire knowledge of what you are taking, the effects it will have on your body, and the expected results. Simple muscle strength testing called applied kinesiology can be done clinically and taught for you to do at home. It can help you realize what you may be sensitive (allergic) to and which natural food or herbal mixtures may counteract your sensitivity. After you learn what foods or environmental pollutants you may be sensitive to, you have the power to change your dietary and or environmental habits.

Healthy living and eating are two of the best medicines available for your health! Life is good. Live it to the fullest!

Wallace W Lossing C.O.,C.Ht