Each morning you choose what clothing you will wear for the day. What shall you do for lunch. Whats for dinner, etc. Choices, Choices and more Choices.

There are many types of alternative health practices. The key is to find the one or ones which are right for you. First, word of mouth is the best advertising any practitioner can have. Second, if you see an article or ad which seems right for you, call and interview the practitioner. He or she will be most willing to inform you further what their practice involves. You may benefit from many different practitioners; however, you still need to find the right one for you for total healing.

Spiritual / Physical Healing is a way of looking at the whole body. Body, Mind & Spirit. After trauma, the connective tissue tightens to protect you. If the traumatized tissues are treated immediately there will be little or no lasting effects. Very rarely does this happen. Most muscle/skeletal misalignments caused by either physical or emotional trauma can be rebalanced and the body healed.

Spiritual/Physical treatment begins with an overall physical evaluation looking for imbalances in the physical body. Next is correcting those imbalances with gentle energetic soft tissue (muscle) work. As the physical body comes back into balance, the emotional imbalances may also be corrected.

The right practitioner will help you recognize your own values. You live by choice. You can choose to be depressed or you can, with help, choose to be whole, healthy and happy beings. As the mind thinks, so it is. If you think only of pain or suffering, this is the way you will be. If you, with help, choose to make changes, you will. Spiritual/Physical Healing and Hypnosis can be combined or used separately to help you change the learned pattern you live under.

Many fears and reasons for depression may be carry overs from childhood experiences. People often carry hidden fears, insecurities, fears of the unknown and other reasons which prevent an individual from reaching their full potential. These are learned patterns which, with help can be changed.

The subconscious programs us, it doesnt reason, but it does work to create the reality according to the programing it is fed. Your thoughts from the past have created your today. If you dont like your today and desire to change it, it is simply time to change your programming …. your input to the subconscious computer.

Hypnosis enhances self awareness by enabling one to access subconscious and super conscious levels. Hypnosis takes your conscious desires and plants them in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind controls your actions.

Spiritual/Physical Healing assists in healing while giving you the tools and teaching you to take control of your life, by keeping your body, mind and spirit in total balance.

Wallace W. Lossing C.O., C.Ht